Dream House Construction


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2D floor plans are a direct birds eye view of the architectural layout of a house, apartment, commercial building etc.. the advantages of 2D floor plans are they often seen as tge easiest and most cost effective way to understand a floor plan and design.

Dream House Construction

3D elevation

We will transform your floor plans and sketches into photorealistic exterior house rendering by using latest software its fast and affordable. Developer and real estate agencies that need quick return of investment will benefit by ordering different size of rendering flyer with color or textured house plans and elevations are as sales effective. your dream house comes realistic view is not be expensive.

Dream House Construction


Our dream house construction is enthusiastically engaged in construction work of residential buildings,villa,bunglaows, public buildings, commercial buildings, And interior design works consist of fall ceiling and modular kitchen works.we are build both rcc and steel structure.we use good quality material (ISI brand wherever applicable) right from the beginning of the work till the end.our engineers and supervisors will monitor day today activity of work so that construction goes smoothly and see to that quality of work design maintained as per specification

Dream House Construction


We are actively engaged in the civil and architectural consultation services. Tge primary objective and function of our firm is ti ensure the timely delivery and efficiently completion of projects in various fields such a residential, commercial apartment structural designing and detailing.we shall offer following consultation services to our clients.

  • 1.architectural services
  • 2.site supervision
  • 3.measuremens and billing services
  • 4.quality control services
  • 5.material selection

Our wish to serve good quality for the people with eco friendly products.